Biomechanics & Orthoses

A musculoskeletal (MSK) appointment may be needed when bones, joints and muscles are affected. As well as including common disorders which affect the bones, joints and muscles, we look for rarer conditions such as auto-immune diseases.

MSK symptoms can be secondary to more complex conditions, and can present as an acute pain in the bones/soft tissue, or they can be more chronic aches from conditions such as osteoarthritis.

MSK disorders affect a large section of the population, with foot and ankle pain affecting 20% of adults. Any age group can suffer from pain, however as we get older, we are more likely to struggle with pain.

Conditions we can help you with:

When you come for your first appointment, we will review your medical history as well as a history of the injury to help us gain a full understanding of what could be contributing to the pain.

This assessment will include assessing you standing and sitting in a chair. We will be looking at your foot/leg/back position and complete some tests. We might want to assess your hip/knee, so wearing shorts for your appointment is ideal.

It may also include a Dynamic Assessment, which involves looking at you walking. If you are a runner, we will assess your running using our treadmill. This again allows as to understand how your body is moving.

Treatments may include:


Orthoses are specialist insoles made specifically for your individual requirements based on an assessment made with a podiatrist. They are placed into your shoes to help redistribute pressure and reduce stress on different tissues.

They help to reduce your pain but also to improve your function. There are different types of orthotic available and these will be discussed with the podiatrist during an appointment.